The Tax Man and Me

"On June 7th, 1950 I was working  for James Hussey, the farmer four miles down the road who is a reserve army captain and for whom I have worked by the day. Mr. Schumacher of the Internal Revenue office asked him how much I had coming and as I had started late that morning I had $5 coming. Mr. Schumaher requested this to be paid on my taxes and wanted to know if I would work for James the next day. James did not know. The tax sleuth wanted him to phone and then he could come out and get my wages. James answered 'Uh-huh' and came over later and told me about it, saying that I did not believe in paying taxes and he did, so this was out of his pocket; that in the future he would cooperate with me instead of with the tax man."---Ammon Hennacy in THE BOOK OF AMMON


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