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What Ever Happened to the Doty Brothers? - Catholic Worker odds & ends
July 13th, 2007
08:33 am


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What Ever Happened to the Doty Brothers?

The Doty brothers are now doing their second bit as non-church religious objectors to war. Joel, 28; Orin, 27; Paul, 26; and Sid, 25 were accompanied by their father, William Doty, who did time in World War I as a war objector, to the Ramsey County, MN jail, where each will do two years for "refusal to report for military service." The first time in 1951 they got sentences ranging from 18 months to two years for refusal to register for the draft.

As it is illegal to convict a person twice for the same crime the trickery of the government is shown by their automatic registration of the boys for the draft without their knowledge or consent. Further deceit on the part of the authorities in the case of Joel, who lacked a month of being 26, was performed when the draft board classified him as 2-A (working in an essential civilian occupation) which extended his age limit to 35. Then, as he was unemployed, a month later he was re-classified 1-A in order to get the two years.

I corresponded with William Doty when I lived in Phoenix, and Dorothy (Day) met Joel on her recent western trip. The moral strength of these brothers is something rare in these days of compromise. Such men are needed in the uncertain times ahead of us when Caesar bribes most of us with pensions, subsidies, G.I. education, and false promises of peace and prosperity.

(from THE CATHOIC WORKER, June 1955)

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