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Prayer or work or both by Dorothy Day - Catholic Worker odds & ends
July 21st, 2007
04:27 am


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Prayer or work or both by Dorothy Day
"Love demands that we do not lose faith or hope in the work which we have to do. It is love of God and our brother which presses us on. Man cannot live under this present social order of capitalist industrialism which is only kept alive by preparations for war. The trouble is of our own making, so the remedy must be of our own striving too. It is by no means God's will that things are as they are, and to live in this social order as it is, and settle down to acceptance of it, and seek to save our souls by prayer and suffering alone...is a false religiosity. Man's work is as necessary to him as his bread. What if we don't see results? What if the Bomb hangs over us, and even our daily bread is spoiled by our farming and preserving methods, and smog fills the air? Our Lord comes to us daily and renews our bodily as well as our spiritual life, and if we do our share, we can exult in the faith of the young men in the fiery furnace."---THE CATHOLIC WORKER, March, 1955.

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