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Dorothy's Village Days - Catholic Worker odds & ends
March 5th, 2009
04:58 am


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Dorothy's Village Days
In one of her 1950 diary entries Dorothy wrote: "Visit from Christine Ell this last week. Romany Marie wants to see me." These two women ran restaurant/ salons in Greenwich Village in the early days of the Twentieth Century which were frequented by Dorothy. A description of Christine Ell can be found on pages 64-65 of JIG COOK AND THE PROVINCETOWN PLAYERS by Robert Karoly Sarlos and Romany Marie's history can be read about at length in ROMANY MARIE, The Queen of Greenwich Village, by her nephew Robert Schulman. I heard somewhere along the line that Dorothy was one of the models for the character of Josie in O'Neill's MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN, which I took her to see on Broadway in 1973. In his biography of O'Neill, BEYOND MOURNING AND TRAGEDY, Stephen A. Black indicates that the character, at least physically, may have been based on Christine Ell. There is a painting of the Provincetown Players by Charles Collins depicting James Light, Christine Ell, Jig Cook, Eugene O'Neill and Charles Collins. RS

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