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She baffled Eugene O'Neill's brother Jamie - Catholic Worker odds & ends
August 31st, 2009
09:53 am


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She baffled Eugene O'Neill's brother Jamie
"He [Jamie O'Neill] had ideas, of course, of what Gene [Eugene O'Neill] should do or not do; that superficial and mocking advice that he loved to give him, then and later. He appeared to like me very much and urged Gene to give up any memories of any other females and cling to and cherish this new Irish rose. Nor did he seem to feel that I was interfering in his relationship with his brother, but when Dorothy [Day] appeared he would gaze at her with silent, baffled curiosity."---Agnes Boulton in PART OF A LONG STORY, Eugene O'Neill as a young man in love, London: Peter Davies, 1958.

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