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The Malefactors by Caroline Gordon - Catholic Worker odds & ends
November 25th, 2009
08:36 pm


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The Malefactors by Caroline Gordon
In my entry for September 4, 2008 I quoted from a letter written in 1956 from poet Robert Lowell to novelist J.F. Powers regarding Caroline Gordon's recently published novel, THE MALEFACTORS, Two of its minor characters are modeled on Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin toward the end of Peter's life. The Dorothy character is called Catherine Pollard. The character, Joseph Tardieu, is Peter. These are fictional characters and the events are as well. Tardieu is described in this way. "The old man staggered as he came up the bank, clutched at a willow bough and, regaining his balance, stood, swaying a little...He was bare-footed and wore nothing except a pair of earth-stained trousers and a medal that hung from a chain about his neck. He seemed unaware that his trouser fly was open and his withered, sagging member protruding..." Other offending passages were removed from the work before its publication, at Dorothy's insistence. RS

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Date:November 26th, 2009 05:07 pm (UTC)

his withered sagging member protruding.

God its tough getting old. One of my friends, younger than I, is behaving erratically. His wife writes to me about it. It is painful for her to write and for me to read. Glad Dorothy was able to get some stuff taken out@!
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