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Ed Turner on Peter Maurin's Family History - Catholic Worker odds & ends
December 9th, 2009
10:08 am


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Ed Turner on Peter Maurin's Family History
"I enjoyed the recent additions to your blog. It is possible to look up people on the net as you know. Recently I entered Peter Maurin and it turned up a number of men with that name. Of course, if they had a dozen children every generation and even with a relatively high death rate if only the eldest son got to stay on the family estate then there were a lot of young men who had to strike on their own. Of Peter's own mother only three out of five births produced two sons and one daughter to survive. Of the second family none of the persons who say they visited the homestead ever gave an account of all the children of that group. I have seen the numbers 18 and 19 but then the same is given of the age of the second wife when se married Peter's father. That is not very convincing information. After all there were two wars and then the great flu epidemic. And then his mother and baby died in her attempt to give birth. A situation which Teresa of Avila admits was why she ran off to the convent in the first place. Her own mother died in childbirth in her thirties."

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