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The Hell Hole - Catholic Worker odds & ends
May 2nd, 2010
07:25 pm


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The Hell Hole
On the Greenwich Village Society For Historic Preservation web site there is this item:

"The Hell Hole--(also known as The Golden Swan) seedy Irish bar at the corner of 6th and 4th St. Hang out of Dorothy Day, Charles Demuth and Eugene O'Neill. The proprietor kept a pig in the cellar and fed it scraps from the fee-lunch counter. According to Malcolm Cowley, 'The boys in the back room were small-time gamblers and petty thieves, but the saloon was also patronized by actors and writers from the Provincetown Playhouse, which was just around the corner...The Hell Hole stayed in business for first two years of prohibition, but then it was closed...The actors and playwrights moved on to..."

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