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One Man Revolution - Catholic Worker odds & ends
August 23rd, 2010
06:19 am


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One Man Revolution
"Ammon Hennacy calls himself a one-man revolution, and the record supports his claim. He has the necessary resources for single-handed and permanent insurrection, at any rate a ticklish conscience, ready indignation, a quick tongue, unlimited courage, and great tactical inventiveness...Mr Hennacy's style is garrulous and innocently self-centered...The wonder is that in Mr. Hennacy's case, the effect is infinitely touching and attractive. What price art when artlessness works so much better? His doctrine and example...call for something more than affectionate condescension...We are not gods but men and must work within a human scale. And that means taking up again the dangerous instrument of political revolution, forewarned and chastened by Ammon Hennacy's testimony."---Emile Capouya, in The Commonweal.

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