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RITA CORBIN---CATHOLIC WORKER ARTIST---R.I.P. - Catholic Worker odds & ends
December 26th, 2011
04:15 pm


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Dear Robert,

Thank you for sending me the Rita Corbin memorial piece---very generous of you to remember. To a degree, I see (Eric) Gill in Rita's work. I regret I didn't maintain any sort of relationship with her, but, then, I wouldn't have known how. John Stanley.


Regrets, regrets, how they pile up
dustily in the corner as I hobble
towards my final days. What am I
saying? I'm already in my final
days; it only remains to be seen
how many of them there still remain
to be counted.

I know I'm not an artist because I
don't work hard and constantly.
Usque ad mortem. Real artists do.

I've always been tired, and I
remain weary to the end.

I guess they don't pile up
"dustily;" they gather dust
after they've piled up.

Rita, Rita! I regret I did
not take the care to cultivate
Rita...Ham, wasn't that her
Maiden Name? I always felt I
was intruding, she was so

Requiescat in pace, sweet Rita.
Strike "sweet;" tough and
stalwart Rita, sitting at a
table hour on hour in the
White Horse at 3 AM, with
Marty, flat-out cold and out
head-on-the-table across
from her in the mid-Fifties.

Once I tried impetuously to
rouse him, and Rita angrily
turned me away---for interfering.

Marty was her problem, not mine.
Not, indeed, that he was a
Problem to her---manifestly.
Till death did them part---then unite.

John Stanley

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Date:December 26th, 2011 11:26 pm (UTC)
I saw her name and block prints in the last CW.
I am sorry she's gone,
Thank you for sharing the news.
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