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Clash of Civilizazations Indeed - Catholic Worker odds & ends
March 4th, 2015
06:42 am


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Clash of Civilizazations Indeed
"Walking across Konigsplein to Bozar, Brussels' Centre for Fine Arts, you meet the statue of Godfrey de Bouillon on his rearing horse. In 1099 Godfrey led Waloon and Flemish forces on the First Crusade to Jerusalem where, his chronicler boasted: 'The slaughter was so great that our men waded in blood up to their ankles and stirrups.'  In Syria, French observer Raoul de Caen added: 'Adults were put into the cooking pot and their youth were fixed on spits and roasted.'  Set up on Koningsplein by Belgium's first king, Leopold I in 1830, Godfrey was named 17th greatest Belgian in a Walloon pol in 2005."-----FINANCIAL TIMES,  Feb. 28-March 1, 2015.

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