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Letter to Robert Steed from Ammon Hennacy - Catholic Worker odds & ends
August 3rd, 2015
09:31 am


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Letter to Robert Steed from Ammon Hennacy
                                                                                                                                Salt Lake City, 2/27/61

Dear Bob,

Glad to hear from you. Told Karl (Meyer)  to keep you in touch with the peacewalkers. We moved from Spring Street to 175 Chrystie Street, Walter says. Mary came back to New York. She and Dorothy fought all the time, Dorothy says. Mary tells me it is all off. All the pious old maids tell her it is a mortal sin to marry anyone unless she is SURE and how can she be sure around Dorothy and those Jansenists?  Dorothy does not do this consciously. Father Casey told me to have Father McDougall in Salt Lake City fix up the marriage papers.

When I saw the list of everyone but Smokey Joe on the associate editor list I told Dorothy it was a joke and to take my name off.  She can put it on as Salt Lake City Correspondent if she likes.  She was getting wary of my really being a Catholic, she says, because i criticize the hierarchy and she wrote me a long letter about it.  As you know, I have it in writing from her about Karl (Meyer) changing the name of the CW in Chicago, and I openly say I will refuse to obey any bishop who tells me to be quiet, but I would try to reason with him first. Dorothy won't take part in the air raid refusal this yerar, she says. She is in Tucson now. Father Casey is satisfied if I am the kind of a Catholic I am. He says that it is O.K.to go to the Mormon Church when I feel like it as a courtesy. Dorothy says no, but she is not my boss. Dortohy told Mary not to wear a velvet dress that had a slight V in it, and not buttoned up to the chin. She is so Jansenist. Mary is staying with Janet now and Carol has finnaly left her husband for good and is staying there too, for a time. When and if Mary gets out from under those pious folks she can tell me and I'll send her money to come to Salt Lake City if she likes. It is up to her. I won't coax her.

I am having better meetings than at any other time; priests are very cordial. The Canadian Broadcasting Co. sent me $100 for an interview when I was picketing. I sent it to Charlie, so we are even. Here is something from FREEDOM.


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