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Ammon Hennacy writes from Salt Lake City - Catholic Worker odds & ends
February 9th, 2007
04:20 am


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Ammon Hennacy writes from Salt Lake City
Letter to Robert Steed, Dec. 21, 1964

Dear Bob,
Thanks for the order. It is #982. As of 5pm this evening I corrected the final bits of the first sixteen pages and it [The Book of Ammon] will be printed tomorrow and the next day and then taken over just before Christmas to the binder who already has the rest of the book. It will be bound in green with gold letters. I have a two-page last word dated Dec. 11 in the book in which I say that the Church is Christ in the world and must be crucified as He was, the difference being that he was innocent and for the poor and oppressed while the Church is guilty and for the rich and powerful. Poulsen lost his case in the state supreme court. His lawyer may at the last minute make another appeal to the US Court or he may be sentenced soon. Six of us picketed on Saturday to end the war in Vietnam. I sent for leaflets but they haven't come yet. Steve Allen was a month getting the introduction back. It is five pages and he calls Christ the great subversive. Then the printer went deer hunting for a week; a helper was drunk for a week, and the lineotyper got run over by a car and didn't work for ten days, so as you might know I have been very busy every day, I am asking you first for I would rather have you, to see if you could come here about the middle of February or March and run the place for about three months, or longer if you like. Cajun is likely to get pinched in New Orleans, or if not then, most any time. The main thing is going after groceries at Albertson's, and on the way home to stop in the dairy nearby and get a gallon of milk. We are nearer the bread man. There is a private room where you could sleep. Pat Rusk sleeps on the floor in it or in bed and Paul, Cajun, Baxter or myself sleep in the room also, depending upon how crowded were are. Very few come after 9pm and at the back door. Slim sleeps in the kitchen and can take care of that. There is a new library across from the city park downtown with escalators etc. Cajun has been laying a girl there and she is getting to like him. I don't know if it will continue. I have calls to speak all over the West and when my book is out I will have more. I have been able to get the $80 a month to pay on the house o.k. and have to buy Ajax and hand soap. Folks generally bring all the rest, like before. Please tell me soon if you want to plan to come, and the approximate date. Just now I don't have anything to pay your fare and each month I start saving up for the $80 for the next month's rent. The Episcopalians give me $20 a month and the Trappists at Piffard, N.Y. $20. I have sent the latter my literature and they seem to like it, but after they get my book they may get scared. How is your love life? Paul tried to make Pat but she wouldn't so he didn't bother anymore. She does not attract me, and besides I am in love with Joan. Chances are I'll mail the books out about the Tuesday after Christmas, although they might get it done sooner. Thanks for the clippings about Judith [Malina] and Julian [Beck]. She is worth a dozen regular radicals the way she tells them off in court. Love, Ammon.

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