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Walter Kerell & Alfred Chester - Catholic Worker odds & ends
December 1st, 2015
09:46 pm


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Walter Kerell & Alfred Chester
"The rift in the Alfred/Arthur menage had occurred when a good-looking American named Walter Kerell arrived in Paris and fell in love with Alfred. Temporarily besotted himself, Alfred barely managed to stammer out to Arthur an implausible lie to cover up his leaving for a tryst in London with his new lover, and since Walter too had a wife, the escapade caused a rift there, too." ----from page 161 of Edward Field's THE MAN WHO WOULD MARRY SUSAN SONTAG, Pub. by U. of Wisc. Press, 2005

Alfred Chester was an American novelist and critic. and Walter Kerell was business manager & assoc. editor of The Catholic Worker from 1959 until the mid to late 70s. He was also my friend. Robert Steed

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