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Letter to Robert Steed from Ammon Hennacy, Jan. 15, 1969 from Phoenix, Ariz. - Catholic Worker odds & ends
February 19th, 2007
10:21 pm


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Letter to Robert Steed from Ammon Hennacy, Jan. 15, 1969 from Phoenix, Ariz.
Dear Bob,
Got your letter. Sorry you have been sick. I am better now but had to quit selling brushes for it seems I can't take it easy and would get sick again.

Now I am concentrating on a new book, "The One Man Revolution in America." Have finished (the part) on Thoreau and am now writing on Leukoma, the Hopi. Will take me at least a year to finish it.

We have not told anyone here our address as we don't want to be interrupted in our work. In Salt Lake City at any time of the day or night came raps on the door or windows until it was a nightmare, especially for Joan. No more of that. At the present time Joan is having a much needed rest from all the visitors. We visit folks here in Phoenix in their homes. We are going on a speaking trip this spring to the coast but do not know as yet the exact time so you had better forget about a visit here.

New York is in a mess these days from what I read and I don't blame you for trying to get away from there. But as you and I know each person can find his niche there and does not have to be bothered by all the city. Every time we come east we say that it will be the last time, but you can never tell.

A Professor O'Neill from Madison wrote a book, very large and well illustrated, in 1966, which is an anthology of the old "Masses." He sent me a copy; very interesting reading. It had a poem of Dorothy's in it on Mulberry Street.

We will get mail at this P.O. box number to be forwarded when we are traveling. And I'll always tell Walter where to send a CW. I see Sobell is released. About time! Keep in touch. Love, Ammon & Joan

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