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Climate Change - Catholic Worker odds & ends
July 22nd, 2017
04:23 am


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Climate Change
"Many people perceive climate change as a sort of moral and economic debt, accumulated since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and now come due after several centuries---a helpful perspective, in a way, since it is the carbon-burning processes that began in 18th-century England that lit the fuse of everything that followed. But more than half of the carbon that humanity has exhaled into the atmosphere in its entire history has been emitted in just the past three decades; since the end of World War II, the figure is 85 percent. Which means that, in the length of a single generation global warming has brought us to the brink of a planetary catastrophe, and that the story of the industrial world's kamikaze mission is also the story of a single lifetime."-----from The Uninhabltable Earth by David Wallace-Wells in the July 10-13, 2017 issue of NEW YORK Magazine.

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